Nice to meet you!

Pieters Musical Agencies.nl is the company owned by Pieter Winters, with over 30 years of experience in the music trade. At first as a salesman in a music shop and later as salesrep in wholesale.

I started my company in April 2013 and I work as an agent for John Hornby Skewes (JHS), one of the best known firms in musical merchandise in the UK.

My agency has also the products from i-Music network in its portfolio as well as Heart Music Distribution. And I work together with Gerhard Knauer with LaBella Strings.

On this site you will find the links to the websites for the various brands. JHS has some exciting products like Fret King, Italia and Danelectro, Snark tuners, the legendary Supro amps and much more.

For i-Musicnetwork I sell Aranjuez, Larson, Maybach, Maton, Paramount,Stanford guitars and many more fine guitars and guitar products.

Please take a peek to all the nice guitar products you will find on the brands part of this site.

Have lots of fun!

Pieter Winters